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Children's Super Hero Personality

Color Tendencies

Like every person, no matter their age, every child has a combination of important personality color tendencies

that make up a fuller and richer picture of their personality. These three dominant colors are called a person's "color blend". As you enjoy the short videos and examine the super hero color tendencies of each

 of the six primary and secondary colors below, I am sure that you will recognize

student's tendencies you have witnessed and recognize.


When we better understand the combination of  color personality tendencies of the children we teach, we are better equipped to help them understand and showcase their special gifts and talents, as well as, help them bring something special and important to their community of friends called a classroom.

This aids children in focusing on the colors that are truly important and impactful in life instead of the different colors of skin tones. When we begin to understand that each of our colors are beautiful and important to the wholeness of the rainbow, we can begin to examine what

is special and unique about ourselves, as well as, what is special and unique about each

individual we share this planet with.

Each color is great. No color is better than another. And all colors

are necessary to create the beauty and fullness of

a rainbow.

RED Color Personality Tendencies 

CAPABLES cape with centered RED.png

PURPLE Color Personality Tendencies 

SUPER cape centered purple.png

BLUE Color Personality Tendencies 

SUPER CAPE blue centered.png

GREEN Color Personality Tendencies 

SUPER cape centered green.png

YELLOW Color Personality Tendencies 

super cape centered Yellow.png

ORANGE Color Personality Tendencies 

SUPER CAPE centered orange.png
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